State Capital vs. Children’s Museum

Day 4 of our stay-cation took us to the Capital building in Madison.  I know what you are thinking . . . what an exciting family . . .  going to the Capital building for their vacation!  Some people just don’t know how to have a good time like we do.  A building full of exciting drama, art, culture, and architecture.  The kids simply loved the drawings painted on the walls and ceilings . . . they weren’t bothered by the oddly clothed – if not lightly clothed individiuals with a myriad of others laying around them . . . no, no!  We are cultured.  We appreciate that kind of thing.  As well, the excitement of the House of Representatives took our breath away.  It took them nearly 20 minutes to adjourn.  Nearly half of them thought it necessary to adjourn in honor of someone . . . “Dear Speaker, I would like to adjourn in honor of a wonderful and dear man, who had a cousin, who’s uncle bowled a 150 at Eau Claire Bowl last week.”  Come now, what is more exciting than 20 minutes of such honor and culture?  I will admit that the kids were a little confused and I struggled explaining it to them.  My thought for them was simple. “This is why they don’t get much done.”  That seemed to suffice.

The rest of our self directed tour (we came right after one guided tour started and didn’t want to wait an hour for the next) consisted of trying to find as many drinking fountains as possible.  We agreed that the drinking fountain on the East Wing near the elevator had the perfect balance of temperature and pressure.  Beautiful art, exciting interaction with the House, drinking fountains, many stairs, and a host of corridors made our time at the Capital building today simply wonderful.

The highlight of our time at the Capital was looking down from the third floor and seeing Sadie Bennett with her class during a tour.  You know how this interaction goes . . . “Say Sadie” . . .  “No, you say Sadie!” . . . “No, you!”  quietly a few times, then loud enough to have her hear while preparing to duck behind the column . . . “Sadie!”  She looked.  It really was her.  WOO HOO!

As we walked back to our car in the parking structure a few blocks away, we came upon the Children’s Museum.  We thought it might be a good idea to stop in and see what the prices were and what they might have to offer.  About 45 minutes later we left, after having stayed in the entrance playing with the ball and water exhibit . . . and yes!  That was the technical name for the exhibit.  Sometimes they stick with simplicity.  We were able to stop by and have dinner at Ella’s Deli on the way home which completed our day trip to the Capital.

In all honesty, I don’t really care what we are doing as a family . . . just that we are doing it as a family.  It really was a wonderful day, and I’m thankful for the sacrifice that many make to lead our state and nation.  I may not agree with most of them most of the time, but I don’t envy their position or responsibility.

Lesson for the day . . .  Water popping balls in the air is apparently much more exciting than Representatives adjourning a session.

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