Not a Penny to My Name

My dear mother has for years been collecting stories to put together in a book – stories about pennies.  Below is one of them that she passed on to me this last week.  It was a great reminder of how the Lord has always provided for our needs, and I am so thankful for that reminder.  The time she is speaking of was the fall of 1998, my first year in seminary . . .

Have you ever heard someone say, “I haven’t got a penny to my name!?”  Well, last night I heard Aaron say, “Mom, I haven’t got a penny to my name.  The rent is due, the school bill is past due, and I haven’t got a job.  What am I to do?”

Now Aaron needs about $145,000 pennies by October 1st and this is September 17.  Now that’s a lot of pennies!  Finding them one at a time is just not going to be enough.  What is a mother to do when her son is 1700 miles away and the only food he had for supper is the peanut butter she sent him with some bread.  I’ll tell you what she’ll do.  She’ll go to the Father who has those $145,000 pennies and ask him to meet Aaron’s needs.  She’ll also send him $5000 pennies so he can have something to eat while we both wait on the “pennies from heaven!”  And they will be there if the Lord wills!!

Keep a penny in your pocket.

Thanks mom for the reminder.

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