Anticipating Future Visitors


We have as of late heard about the possibility of Ann Marie and Brett visiting us for a few days.  Due to this very exciting news, we started to remodel our basement for that reason and that reason alone. (Not really, but if they feel more obligated to come because of this, that would be okay.) 

We have wanted to make a TV room / guest room on one side of the basement for a while.  I have finished framing and wiring for the most part.  We are hoping to be done in the next month or two.  This would allow for a more comfortable upstairs family room and as well offer a nice and clean play area for the kids.  Finishing this would conclude phase 1 of three phases.  We hope to in the future, completely finish the larger side, which would include, a bathroom, another bedroom and large family room and play room. 

We will keep you posted as to our endeavors so that you may more accurately plan your vacations around when our project is completed.

3 thoughts on “Anticipating Future Visitors

  1. If you’d like to make a sign “Brett and Ann-Marie’s Guest Bedroom,” we would not be opposed! Hey, we’ll bring the wallpaper samples!

    It would be SO nice to visit, and you’re not THAT far away. And you can STAND us, so that’s even a bigger plus.

    Looks beautiful!

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