He still looks for me in a crowd

Spencer's Individual Team Picture_small

It has struck me lately that my kids are growing up much quicker than I ever planned. All the boys play football and Molly gallivants around on horses in her spare time.  I had a conversation with Molly last week about whether or not she was going to be part of a youth group activity.  I’m simply not ready for that.

I’ve begun to realize that acknowledging me publicly and kissing me good night are only two of the many things that seem to be going by the way side.  I’m okay with that, kind of.  I know that it’s my responsibility to raise children that are able to walk through life in an independent manner . . . but just not yet!

So as I began the process of feeling irrelevant, Spencer looked at me.  You may say, “Big deal! Don’t your kids look at you normally?”  Well, sure . . . but not necessarily in the midst of all their friends, their football team.  He turned to me today, while standing on the side lines waiting for his football game to start and waived and yelled to me, “Daddy, I get to play fullback today.”  I’m glad he wanted to tell me.  I’m glad that he wasn’t embarrassed to yell to his dad when a hundred people or so were sitting in the stands surrounding me.

Of course I was embarrassed and looked around acting like I didn’t know who his dad was 🙂 . . . but at least he wasn’t embarrassed.  I guess I have a little more time to be relevant in my children’s life.  But please know I’m aware that our time is ever decreasing . . . but then again, due to the economy and the inability of young adults to commit . . . he may be living in our home when he’s thirty . . .  At that point, I’ll be writing a very different blog post.

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