American Girl vs. All American Boys


Molly has her golden birthday this year–she will be 8 years old on April 8th.  For several months we have been talking about having a special birthday party for her.  After our trip to the American Girl Place in Chicago while we were there for Mom’s birthday, we knew that Molly would love to visit and THAT would make her birthday golden.  With our trip to Rockford this last week for Grandma’s funeral, we decided to stop in Chicago on the way home.  It was fun to watch Molly bask in the grandeur of this Girl’s Paradise.  Molly explored every corner of the store as the boys were pampered in the Doll Salon (no–I mean–while the boys adamantly defended their boyhood).


  1. From Aunt Michelle and Uncle Gary-Honey, the American Girl golden retriever dog (how appropriate on her golden birthday)
  2. From Dad and Mom-Julie, the 1974 American Girl Doll (Linda is excited–she had many of the things as a girl that are Julie’s accessories)

Our all american boys were able to find something to do as well at the American Girl store . . .

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