The New Deck is Finished . . . Mostly

Probably about a month ago, we were able to primarily finish the deck.  We were thrilled with the process and proceeded to call the inspector for the final inspection.  Little did we know, although we probably should have, that the railing around the deck needed to be at least 36 inches above the deck.  As you might notice, the 2×4’s are sitting on the deck in this picture.  This made the height only about 33 inches.  After a little thinking we decided to lift all the rails a few inches (look at the railing in the pictures above).  That wasn’t much fun, but I think I like it better now anyway.

I as well put the skirting around the bottom.  The wood that was used as the skirt was given to us by a friend and was wood from a deck that he had taken apart.  The brown spots in the cracks are stain marks from the past deck.  We might stain over it, but I kind of like it as well.  I think it gives it kind of a antique look.

So, for the most part we are done.  We have already used it quite a bit.

3 thoughts on “The New Deck is Finished . . . Mostly

  1. Hurray! Hurray! Finished at last.

    I know it must have been more work for you, but glad that you are now able to enjoy your finished deck.

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