Crowded Ship Wordled

I came across this site a few months ago from a theology blog.  They had wordled most of the New Testament.  I have since then used this site to wordle some of the New Testament and use them as notebook cover pages.  I think they are kind of cool.  They often are very close as communicating the common theme in the book/text. 

This particular wordle is all the posts from the “Crowded Ship” blog.  I thought it would be fun to see if some theme stuck out.  As of now I can’t seem to see anything.  Deck, potty and bathroom are three words I wasn’t expecting to stick out so significantly, but I suppose it doesn’t surprise me.

Do any of you see anything that I’m not seeing?

Well, probably we are around, I think we are either going potty in the bathroom or on the deck. Just think a little bit . . . the beach.

4 thoughts on “Crowded Ship Wordled

  1. I am so glad to see that you guys are still alive up there 🙂 I had ALMOST given up on checking in on your blog….sorry, but I was sick of those deck pictures! FUNNY tiger video — I about wet my pants too 🙂

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