Potty Training

Preface . . . Yes, I realize I haven’t posted in almost two months.  I went through tonight and figured out about 7 posts that I should have posted, and those should be coming out in the next week or two . . . 

What do




charts and toilets have in common.  You got it! Potty training.  What a joy!



First, what is it about getting a sticker on a piece of paper that would drive someone to want to go to the bathroom in the toilet instead of continuing their convenient practice of “potty at will” in my diaper . . . but apparently it has its enticements.  I think the gum and suckers are probably a little more of an enticement myself.  Either way it seems to be working.

Secondly, competition seems to be a factor in this game as well.  If one of the boys has received a sucker or gum for accomplishing their task, the other one is not content to wait to go to the bathroom, even if they don’t need to. 

Imagine the amount of time spent in the bathroom while potty training twins – twins that like suckers and gum.  We’ve placed a love seat and TV in there – at least for the next couple of weeks. 🙂

As far as an update is concerned . . . while Dakota’s chart seems to indicate his lead in the competition, Ryan seems to be picking up on the practice a bit better.  He advanced from pull-ups to underwear today.  How exciting!

I just realized how sad my life is . . . I’m excited that my son is wearing underwear.  There must be more to life than this.  But then again, think of all the money we will save not buying diapers.  WOO HOO!

Just a final note . . . on a couple of separate occasions one of the boys have asked me when we are going to get a urinal in our house.  Spencer, especially, prefers the urinal.  I’m just not sure that is the most practical choice for a family’s bathroom.  I told him to consider the resale value of our home and the potential hindrance such an item might have on another family, say with all girls.  He didn’t seem to care.

We hope to bring you a follow up soon on their progress.  I am sure you are all eagerly anticipating the post. Just consider . . . I haven’t posted in almost two months, so probably by the time I update, they’ll have their own home’s with their own urinals.

5 thoughts on “Potty Training

  1. Too funny…at least about them having their own home.

    Am looking forward to more posts. I have missed seeing events that have been going on in your life…not especially the one on potty training.

  2. You’re potty training, too, huh? Your next post should be about all the interesting places the twins have tested out there new found potty freedom. Our Sarah has shared the wealth all over my new living room rug…get ready for your share. 🙂

  3. I am so glad you are back to posting. I was beginning to think that I would never “hear” from you or the kids again. Thank you for keeping us posted 🙂 The last one (or ones) in this case are the best. It brings a permanent end to diapers. YEAH!!!!

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