Driveway Sledding

no-sledding.jpgThe snow fall for the last day or so must have been around 6-8 inches.  I was somewhat looking forward to snow blowing the driveway, but we noticed that one of our friends came along and plowed it for us this morning.  I was alright with that as well.  This evening we went out and were going to make a snow man.  This project was cancelled due to the inability of snow packing and some clean up that needed to be done on the driveway.  I was able to get out the snow blower to do a little of the edges.  As soon as I started it up, Dakota ran away from me screaming.  As I attempted to clean off the drive, I kept aiming the blower at Molly and Spencer but they kept moving, so I wasn’t able to blast them with snow.  As we finished up, made some very small snow angels and one very big one, we took about six laps around the house on the sled.  I pulled the sled through about 6-8 (if not 14-16) inches of snow until I decided it might be more fun for everyone if we were to just sled down the driveway.  I placed Spencer on the disc sled and pushed him as hard as possible down the drive.  This worked pretty well, as long as no cars were coming.  Now, it was my turn.  I ran about 6 feet and jumped on the sled and slid for about 5 feet.  WOO HOO!  I thought the more weight the further you were supposed to go, apparently not.  After a few trips down for each Molly and Spencer, we packed up and went inside. 

Depending on the setting of your driveway and your neighborhood, I might discourage this activity.   

2 thoughts on “Driveway Sledding

  1. Best part of your post – WOO HOO! I also liked the part about if “no cars were coming.” Too funny! It’s snowy here, too, and the temp is below 0 – it’s SO cold! I’m glad you enjoyed winter snow with the kids.

    P.S. – Molly’s a doll on her bike!

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