Soggy Saggy Swaddlers and Super Slippery Slides

We wanted to do something fun with the kids Saturday afternoon, so we went to Walmart and bought a slip and slide.  For a cost of $8.00 we had at least $10.00 worth of fun. 

Molly and Spencer were very excited to play on the slip and slide until they felt the bitter chill of the water on the slide.  They both ended up almost attempting to avoid the water as they would run down or kneel on the slide.  I thought it best to help them get used to the chill, so I took both of them at different times and laid them on the slide and pushed them all the way down.  They were freezing at first, but they quickly got used to it. 

Ryan saw the fun that Molly and Spencer were having and he ran over to join in.  He as well needed some help and so I tossed him down the slide to his utter shock.  He as well was quick to get used to the cold and started running up and down the slide.  I will add a video to this post later today of Ryan running with his saggy diaper.

As well, I will try to post Molly’s graduation ceremony pictures later today or tomorrow.  I realize I have been pretty sporadic lately.  I’ll work on that.  Our lives have been pretty crazy lately.  If we had more time we would be having sock/sword fights in our living room with my womping size 10 socks.


6 thoughts on “Soggy Saggy Swaddlers and Super Slippery Slides

  1. Can’t wait for thevideo…welcome back. I have missed not seeing my great neice and nephews.

    What a picture of Ryan.

    Love ya, Aunt Juliet

  2. If your kids ever grow up and want to embarrass you in any way, I would be happy to help. Besides the soggy diaper, what is going on in the new picture on the banner??????? I love you all so much, you crazy crew 🙂

  3. Michelle,

    Concerning the picture on the new banner . . . I take pictures periodically and play around with them for a while to make a header. I just thought this was a cute picture of Ryan. I love the one of Spencer I just put up as well.

  4. Hey Michelle, The kids decided to decorate themselves with the Mr. Potato Head accessories one day. The picture of Ryan on the banner was attempt at being Mr. Potato Head.

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