We had a good time!

Molly’s addition to the blog . . . “pray that mommy has a good time inside.  We went outside and sleeped in the tent and how bout if it was a cool tent.  There was windows on it.  We had lights.  We watched TV.  Molly loves you!  Grandma’s a goofer – grandma’s seriously a goofer because she says funny stuff.”

Molly, Spencer and I spent the night outside in our back yard in a tent.  We are practicing for the real thing.  I suppose the real thing will probably not include our mattresses from inside the house, although last time we went camping I did take an extension cord and the fan.  I just can’t sleep without the fan. 

5 thoughts on “We had a good time!

  1. Hey, I think I saw you guys in The Blair Witch Project. Is that bearded guy in the background the ghost of the Blair Witch? Huh?

    Looks like fun. If you like camping. Which you apparently do. For some reason.

    Thanks for the great pics! Does Molly look like a mini-Michelle or what?!

  2. Hey Aaron, Linda, and Family
    So glad to know that you all are blogging and I can keep up with all that is going on in your life! Charity

  3. Have you been “real” camping yet?

    Having done that with four children, i strongly recommend waiting a while. I have been there. Trust me… wait a while.

    Like 20 years.

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