I’m becoming more manly

Last night, for some reason, I heard a rather masculine voice yell, “Hey!”  I had been sleeping for a few hours already.  Even though I had been sleeping, and even though I can act like a child when I think people might be in our home, I reached over Linda and started grabbing in the air for the probably large and intimidating creature’s neck.  I flailed at the air for a few seconds until Linda kindly and sweetly, said, “Hey!” 

All of a sudden I realized that no one was there, but still I clearly recall hearing someone speak.  It couldn’t have been Linda’s “hey!”, unless I’m psychic (you might be able to call me the Medium).  So I lay in bed wondering what it might have been that I heard. 

Linda asked me what I was doing, and I communicated to her the potential terror that she may have had to undergo if it were not for my quick and fearless bravery. 

The reality is that no one was there and my flailing in the air was actually me grabbing at Linda.  As I struggled trying to fall asleep again, I reasoned to myself, at least I didn’t run down the hall and yell and stand by the garage door shaking.  What kind of real man would do that anyway?

One thought on “I’m becoming more manly

  1. Macho, macho, macho man!

    I’m sure Linda appreciated yet another demonstration of your studliness.

    Uh-huh. Did you at least yell, “Hey, back!”?

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