Molly’s Kindergarten Graduation

Last Thursday evening, we all went to Molly’s kindergarten graduation. 

Just a side note . . . what is the point?  Having a graduation for so many classes seems to minimalize the really important graduations.  I remember by the time I graduated from college and seminary, my excitement about graduation had decreased significantly.  I have graduated six times.  Practicing to walk down the aisle over again and again seemed a bit unnecessary.  I suppose we could always just have Molly go to school to only 6th grade and that way she could avoid such nonsense. 

A second side note . . . Linda and I have habitually forgotten the camera on somewhat important events for the kids lately.  This has resulted in a few things.  We have failed to meet up to expectations for the blog.  As well, we have looked like horrible parents when all the other parents are taking pictures all over the place and we sit there and just smile . . . “Don’t mind us, we just don’t like pictures.  We only take pictures when it is really important!”  We didn’t want this to happen for Molly’s graduation, so we took the camera out to the car the night before. (The funny part is that we left the camera in the car during the graduation . . . I’m just kidding.)

So, last Thursday evening, we all went to Molly’s kindergarten graduation.  She obviously was the cutest one in the group.  She as well was the only one who shared a line with someone else.  The rest all had their own line.  Linda and I wondered what the ramifications were for this incident.  All of the other kids said their own lines, but Molly shared her lines.  Is she unable to say them by herself?  Were there only so many lines and too many kids to all have their own lines?  Were the lines so important that they needed a couple of kids to say them?  Whatever the reason, I’m sure it is because Molly is the best 🙂

The kids did a great job, acting, reading, singing . . . Below are a couple of pictures of Molly with her friends and teacher.


5 thoughts on “Molly’s Kindergarten Graduation

  1. Congratulations, Molly! (And Mom and Dad, too!). It’s hard to believe she’s already graduated kindergarten – I always think of her as 3 years old! I love her sleeveless dress! She looked so classy and very lovely. Must be the McGarvah! (HAHAHAHAHA!) Seriously, she’s beautiful, you guys! I loved “being there” at her special night. Just think! You’ve got three more K5 graduations to look forward to!

  2. Sorry that I am always making a comment from Ann-Marie…don’t know how to correct it.

    At any rate I must say Molly is a beautiful girl. And I’ll correct A-M comment about 3 more graduations..if the twins both do well you’ll only have 2 more K-5 graduations…but 3 kids doing it.

    Thanks for the videos. Love Aunt Juliet

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, Molly!!!! You always crack me up, Aaron…I miss you when you aren’t blogging! Glad you brought your camera 🙂

  4. 1. You sound like Mr. Incredible: “They keep finding new ways to celebrate mediocrity!”
    2. We are very bad at the camera thing too. Fortunately I have an older sister who takes tons of pictures that I can mooch from.
    3. Maybe they had too many children for the number of lines they had to say, so Molly graciously volunteered to share her line so the other little girl wouldn’t be left out. 🙂

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