Our Preacher Boy

Ryan Reading

A few weeks ago we dressed up Ryan and Dakota in shirts and ties for church.  Doesn’t he look more spiritual? I do realize that the book is not a Bible nor is it even a religious book, it may even be a potty training book.  Either way, I thought he looked like a preacher or at least a business man in this picture.  I suppose it would do him good to have the book right side up, but until then we will just use him for cute pictures.   

3 thoughts on “Our Preacher Boy

  1. I think he looks pastoriffic! Totally loving the potty-training book aspect, too. Who wants a preacher boy that is constantly stinky? Way to improve yourself, young preacher-boy!

  2. I love it! I had a lady ask me the other day, “So, what do you think your kids will grow up and do?” It was an interesting question. Most days, I just hope they get their homework done and get the potty training done. We will see……… If the present sheds any light on the future, Ryan will be doing good 🙂

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