I wonder where he gets it?

Ryan walked up to me today with a rather large smile on his face and my glasses setting on his nose.  I don’t think he meant to put them on upside down but the effect was priceless. I do realize that most parents think they have the cutest kids and that’s good for them.  They need to think that way, but I have seen many of those kids and none of them look like this.

To many times I have had to hide my face when I am trying to discipline Ryan because of the funny faces he makes when he knows he did something wrong.  He will probably get away with a lot of things in his life just because he’s funny.  Dakota seems smart enough to reason his way out of things and Ryan will just smile and “wallah” all will be fine.  We are going to have our hands full.

A couple of days ago Spencer came crying to Linda complaining about how Ryan bit him.  (Just a side note . . . Spencer, my oldest and biggest boy is constantly getting picked on by the twins.  We regularly hear Spencer tell them to leave him alone.  It seems to me that this shouldn’t be a problem.  Shouldn’t he be able to handle himself? Anyway . . .) Ryan bit Spencer and Linda took Ryan into his room to deal with him.  Ryan put on his “look” and as soon as he did Linda started laughing.  Of course she didn’t want Ryan to see her laughing at this serious moment so she covered her mouth and tried to subtly chuckle to herself.  Ryan, deviant that he is, covered his mouth and laughed as well.  He did this time and time again, prolonging the inevitable.  Needless to say, his laugh shortly died down; and hopefully he won’t be biting as often.

4 thoughts on “I wonder where he gets it?

  1. Ok, all parents do think their kids are the cutest, but you know they are truly cute when someone else (even your sister) confirms that. I confirm that you have 4 incredibly cute kids. In answer to your questions, “Where does he get it?” the answer is obvious….he gets it from you 🙂

  2. I’m with Michelle. Where did you think he got it? Like it’s a mystery. He’ll probably grow up to be a pastor. Like someone else I know.

  3. the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree Mr. Sturgill!!!

    It is entirely possilbe that Ryan is related to my #3. I have NO idea where she got from either!

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