And Linda wondered where I got it . . .




Linda and I were enjoying our small (smaller for some than others) dessert.  Apparently Papa didn’t think that the boys had had enough chocolate this evening.  Needless to say that it is 9:30 and I would really like our children to go to bed.  I guess Papa gets to stay up with them and wake up with them tomorrow morning.

 I can’t believe that someone would eat chocolate right out of the container.  Actually, as soon as Linda saw this, the last 7 years of seeing this from me makes more sense now.  We are hoping that we pass on this tradition to our boys.  One positive ramification of this action is that often eating out of the container this way means that Linda won’t use it for other people, which means we get it all.  Sometimes people in our own family don’t want anymore which means I get it all.  Of course I mix it with fat free cool whip and imagine that the chocolate is fat free.  What a wonderful fat free dessert.  See I do watch what I eat.

3 thoughts on “And Linda wondered where I got it . . .

  1. Oh yes, this explains so much.

    First, it starts with chocolate ice cream in the car and then on to chocolate syrup! This Sturgill addiction starts so young! 🙂 Ha! Ha!

    I love that Uncle Darryl – easily one of the “conservative” uncles – is pouring chocolate syrup down his grandkids throat! It’s amazing what being a Grandpa will do!

    CUTE photos!

  2. It is good to read about the logic behind eating out of the ice cream container. I am glad to know there is logic behind it; I never had a good reason; I just did it because……well, dad started it all and it is nice to see the tradition continue 🙂

  3. Hey – i now know to make sure i bring our own container of chocolate syrup for Christmas – Did he drink out of the milk jug as well? – that is where i draw the line!! – mike

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