We Love Driving in the Van?

our trip in the van

We love riding in the van.  We were able to go to Great Grandma Rehfeldt’s birthday party today in Rockford, Ill.  It was a long trip back, but we are finally home.  We will share some pictures in the days to follow.  Even though it may look like it, I didn’t ask them to scream just so we could make this video . . . Really, I’m serious.  They are always this way.

One thought on “We Love Driving in the Van?

  1. How funny! At least they sound like happy screams 🙂 We are so jealous that you could be there today, but we AREN’T jealous of the van ride. We thought of you all several times today and wished we could be there. Thanks for posting the pictures and videos so quickly so we could enjoy the fun.

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