Grand Blanc Homecoming Parade!



Last Friday we took the kids to the Grand Blanc Homecoming Parade.  Three years ago this was our first event here in Grand Blanc.  Two days after we moved in, we learned that there was a Homecoming parade down the street in downtown Grand Blanc.  We were a bit naive as we jumped into the van with Spencer and Molly and headed to the exciting event.  We parked just down the street and began our walk.  On the way there we met a couple from our church and spent the rest of the evening with them as we enjoyed the parade and the homecoming football game. 

Last year we were a bit less naive and we told Molly and Spencer to grab bags so they could hold all the candy they got during the parade.  The kids were a bit pessimistic in their decision and took little zip lock bags. They were over flowing by the end of the parade.

This year we packed the van with the stroller, 4 Walmart bags, and two chairs.  We parked in our normal spot, put the twins in the stroller, put the chairs in the bottom of the stroller and headed to our traditional spot.  We got the best spot.  We were right next to the road.  Most of the kids near us were past us.  We had the prime location.  We have found our spot at the beginning of the parade because the candy is usually gone by the end of the parade.  Spencer stands a little bit into the road, holds his bag out and looks at everyone with this “aren’t I cute, don’t you want to give me candy” expression.  Needless to say, Linda and I were comfortable in our chairs and the kids did pretty well in their candy collection.

I wish I could tell you where our particular spot is, but I just don’t want you to beat us to it next year.

Now, the irony of the story . . . As soon as we got home, I began to think, “we don’t want all this candy. This is terrible for the kids. Why don’t we get rid of it.”  You would never have imagined that type of response, especially after having seen me kick Spencer out into the street so that he could pick up the candy before someone else did or before the next float rolled over it.  This is pretty competitive stuff.


3 thoughts on “Grand Blanc Homecoming Parade!

  1. Whenever you get a bucket of candy that big, you have to sort through (all the good ones) and make sure there is nothing “dangerous” 🙂 It is good to see you have not lost your “if it comes to food, I must get it……ALL” mentality.

  2. As I was reading that post, I was thinking that you were going to say that after you got all propped up in your “perfect” location that the parade changed routes and didn’t go by you guys. That would have been funny! Glad the candy is at YOUR house….I would be eating it constantly!

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