Dakota almost lost a finger!

dsc03448.jpgdakota's little finger

Yesterday was super fun!  About 2:00 Linda left to run to the grocery store and I was planning on putting the kids down for a nap.  Instead, about 5 minutes later, I heard Dakota scream.  This is not atypical so I didn’t get to excited right away, but did tell him to come to me.  As he came to me I saw that blood was dripping from his hand and that about an inch of his finger was hanging off.  Needless to say, Spencer was a bit broken up as well due to the fact that he had slammed Dakota’s bedroom door on Dakota’s finger.  At this point I didn’t handle the situation very well.  “MOLLY GET ME A TOWEL . . . A BIGGER TOWEL!  MOLLY GET IN THE CAR! SPENCER STOP CRYING AND GET IN THE CAR! MOLLY GET RYAN IN THE CAR! DON’T GET YOUR SHOES ON JUST GET IN THE CAR!”  Molly and Spencer were a bit confused due to the fact that Linda had taken the van and there was no car in the garage.  I quickly opened the garage door and shoved them all out the door into the rain with no shoes on.  I grabbed my wallet and keys and a couple of their shoes and ran out.  By the time I got everyone in the car, I was a bit more calm and tried to help Spencer calm down as he seemed to be hyperventilating.  I held Dakota in my lap all the way to the emergency room as I attempted to reassure Spencer that he wasn’t in trouble for cutting off his little brother’s finger.  Molly truly was a big sister as she tried to help Spencer.  As soon as we got to the hospital I jumped out and told Molly to get the rest of them out.  “But Ryan doesn’t have any shoes on and Spencer can’t get his on.”  Spencer couldn’t get his shoes on because the shoes I gave him were Dakota’s.  Anyway we all run into the hospital ER.  Imagine me with four kids, most of them without shoes as we trapse into the ER.  The four of us hung out in an ER room for about an hour and a half before I was able to get a hold of Linda and get her there.  She stayed for quite a while but ended up taking the other three home and I stayed with Dakota at the hospital.  With all said and done, we were at the hospital from about 2:00 until 10:00.  Dakota had, I think, 5 stitches.  He will probably never have a finger nail on that finger due to the fact that the cut was in the “perfect spot” for permanently losing a finger nail.  He as well ripped off the bandages and we had to wait about another hour and a half for someone to come and put on another type of bandage.  What a joy!  I had been really hoping for a pajama day.

6 thoughts on “Dakota almost lost a finger!

  1. That’s quite an eyecatching headline you have there! That’s too bad about Dakota. Poor thing. At least he’s not girl – where fingernails can be important later on! Poor Spence! I once almost caused a neighbor kid to choke to death on a piece of hard candy. That guilty feeling can be so overwhelming. We’ll be thinking of you guys!

  2. Give Dakota hugs and kisses from us; I hope he is doing ok after the fact. I am impressed, Aaron, that you got them all in the ER in one piece. You know you somewhat act like mom did when an emergency happened 🙂

    P.S. I hope you get your pajama day made up!

  3. OH my word!!! Poor Dakota! The way you “tell” that story made me laugh so hard because I could just picture it. I can just picture Linda walking into the ER so calmly while you sit there with all four kids hysterical 🙂

  4. Poor kid! The same thing happened to Ian. Thankfully they were able to save his finger and his nail. Kids can give you a heart attack, huh? You’re okay as long as nobody breaks a bone, ’cause then you’ll have social services on your back thinking you beat your kid up. Hope the little guy feels better.

    your cousin in FL

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