Linda Visits Home . . . We Visit Linda

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Day 2: Sunday (Linda Visits Home)

The boys and I went up to visit Linda Sunday morning only to find that the doctor had given her a pass to leave the hospital for the day.  We quickly grabbed a few items and headed back home.  Of course she needed to be back at the hospital by 8:00, so a couple of us packed back in the van to escort Linda back to her holding cell for the remainder of her visit.  She was a little tired but for the most part she had a great day.

Day 3: Monday (We Visit Linda)

No longer are out of hospital excursions allowed, so we all packed into Linda’s tiny room to spend a couple precious hours together.  The boys were able to make a buck off of gramma for making her laugh.  Of course to accomplish this purpose, they had to search google for as many dumb jokes as they could find. I think at some point, papa and gramma just gave in and laughed . . . SUCCESS!!  A dollar, only to purchase really healthy chips from the snack machine.  I suppose it makes sense that they would sell health food in a hospital, but the health benefit was lost on the boys . . . and dad ended up snacking on them.  Hey! I’m healthy now!!

Linda is beginning to feel the fatigue that is expected during this stage.  She’s a little concerned about what the next few days may bring.

Here’s some pics of our hospital adventure, and it truly is an adventure as we try to squeeze all together in this room.  By the way, both Sandy and I were present but were squeezed up into the other non visible corners.  Don’t worry, we were okay with that 🙂

2 thoughts on “Linda Visits Home . . . We Visit Linda

  1. I start each morning with prayer for you guys and continue on through the day. Of course Linda is at the top. Her name greets me each morning with a sticky note on my mirror. The next few days isn’t too hard for God… isn’t that a comfort!?!!

  2. What great pictures. So glad Linda can have family to visit, for some reason I thought she would be really isolated. You guys are on my heart and mind and most importantly, in my prayers. We have such a great God who is able to do over and above what we ask.

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