Finally down to three!





I heard Linda crying this morning and I rushed in to see what the problem was, and she was crying with a great big smile on her face, “Molly is going to be gone for most of the day, three days a week!”  . . . At least that is how I think she probably felt.  Molly started her first day of School at Genesee Christian School today.  Her new K-5 teacher is Mrs. Saunders.  We expect great things of her . . . Well, it doesn’t really matter.  She’s gone three days a week.

6 thoughts on “Finally down to three!

  1. Molly, you are such a big girl. I hope you love kindergarten. Linda will probably miss the extra help that she can be. Aaron, I think you are the only one doing the countdown 🙂

  2. I will freely admit that I am very excited to send two to school next week. I will have a whole month with only TWO…yippee!!! Molly looked so cute and so grown up. Did Spencer miss her?

  3. What a big girl! I can hardly believe she is old enough to be going to school. Just think 12 years + 4 years of college + 8 years of medical school – then ANOTHER Dr. Sturgill in the family! 🙂

    Congratulations, Molly (and Mom and Dad)!

  4. Looking forward to seeing ya all…I still remember the day Ann-Marie stared K-5..We thought she wouldn’t want to go. When we arrived at Rockford Baptist..she smiled, waved and ran for the door.
    So much for wanting to stay home with Mom and Dad.
    Love, Aunt Juliet

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