Molly’s An Artist

noahs-ark-molly.jpg  bible-study-molly.jpg

Molly has always enjoyed writing on paper.  I recall before we moved to Wisconsin in 2003 (Molly was still 1) she was already constantly writing on any paper she could find.  I recall, it seemed that the rule was, if there was a line or any writing on the piece she needed a new piece.  That didn’t last too terribly long, but it did result in quite a few one lined pieces of paper around our house.  

As of today, while all the kids enjoy writing on just about anything, Molly and Spencer have become quite avid writers / drawers ( people who draw, not the things in dressers).  They each have a box, a rather large box, that they keep their paper and coloring books and what ever other sorted and assundry writing implementations (?). 

I came home a few days ago and the kids were excited to show me their cards that they had made for grandma and grandpa for valentines day.  Obviously Ryan and Dakotas were pieces of paper with one or two scratches on them with Linda’s writing of their name at the top.  Spencer’s was full of “s” and “3” all over the paper.  “S” for Spencer.  That’s his name and he can remember that letter.  Probably “3” because he was just three and he knew his age.  Now that he is 4 we will have to work on a new number. 

Molly’s on the other hand was the above pictures.  The picture of the three girls, per Molly, was a picture of Mackenzie, Grandma and Molly reading their Bibles (She accurately drew the Sturgill posterior, not grandma’s of course).  The other was a picture of Noah and his big ark.  (Just a side note:  No wonder everyone was killed that was not in the ark.  Look at the size of those rain drops.  One of those, drops on you and BOOM! You’re dead.  As well I’m not sure she gets the idea that usually the sun is not shining with nice fluffy clouds in the middle of a world wide flood.)  Anyway, I was pretty empressed by her drawings.  Plus, I was pleased that they were pictures of spiritual things and not her stabbing her brothers or something morbid like that.

So hopefully grandma has received her cards by the time she reads this posts.  Either way, I think she will probably appreciate the pictures.

4 thoughts on “Molly’s An Artist

  1. Those are some lovely posteriors, Molly! Way to accurately capture your family.

    Remind me to not pose for any Molly drawings. She might run out of paper!

  2. Oh, and by the way, I think those three girls are obviously text messaging.

    Yeah, Bible reading. I think Molly knows how to get on her parent’s good side! 🙂

  3. Way to make me laugh! And cry! That picture of “us girls” is toooo sweet! Oh, that she will always think of me as sharing God’s Word with her!!!! I haven’t received the picture yet but I will cherish it! XOXOXOXOXOXOX Gramma

  4. Molly sure had improved on her art skills. I have a picture she drew at Ann-Marie, May 25, 2006. Perhaps I’ll do a post on that someday. I think I will call it Modern Art.

    Thanks again for those great pictures.

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