Treats for Santa and His Reindeer

This evening, the kids wanted to leave out a snack for Santa Clause and his reindeer.  While our kids know that Santa is a fairy tale, it is still fun to pretend.  Since we love cookie dough so much and everyone else probably will leave cookies, we thought it best to just leave cookie dough.  As you can see Spencer wanted to leave a little note of his own. 

As we put the kids to bed Molly was a bit nervous about a man coming down our fake fireplace and being in our home while she was asleep.  I told her not to worry since Santa was a really fat yet fit funny fellow (then I took some time to explain to Molly with little success how I should score 4 points in Scattegories).  All the time Linda is standing behind me pointing to me. 

I think Molly finally figured it out since she told Linda later, “Have fun eating the cookies!”

We are going to stay up until Santa comes this evening and try to get him on video tape.  I’m sure you will all be waiting eagerly our stakes out’s results.






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