Our Own Pumpkin Patch


In light of the article from Grace to You, this picture seems a bit ironic, understanding that jack-o-lanterns were used to ward off spirits by carving grotesque faces into the gourd or vegetable and putting a candle in it.  With that established, I still think that these kids look pretty cute.  Anyway, they have smiley faces on their gourds. 

If I ever went to a pumpkin patch and saw these pumpkins I sure would pick them up.  By the way that is a smile on Spencer, even though he looks like he is in pain.  We need to work on our smiling for pictures.  

4 thoughts on “Our Own Pumpkin Patch

  1. Oh HOW cute! I’d pick those pumpkins, too!

    I read the Halloween entry. It was interesting. I don’t know. I just think people make too big of a deal out of the whole thing. It’s just common sense as to what to do, I think. But that’s just ‘ol unspiritual me, I guess.

  2. Those are some precious pumpkins! They will probably want to wear their outfit everyday 🙂 In my opinion, God can be truly glorified by children in pumpkin outfits (and Minnie Mouse and ninja warriors, for my kids).

  3. Gary says you have your own pumpkin patch….he’s wondering which one he should pick.
    They all look so cute. Great picture!!!
    Love AJ

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