Unusual Mail from an Unusual Gramma!


Yesterday, the kids had a pleasant surprise that arrived via the postal service.  Linda opened the mail box and found 4 water bottles in the mail box with postage and address labels wrapped around them.  At first our thought was that if Mom was going to send water to us, it would be better to send it to the poor people in Georgia.  Of course the bottles were no longer filled with water (poor papa, must have had to go to the bathroom a number of times a few nights ago.)  They were, on the other hand, filled with rainbow gold fish (there is a still a bit of confusion concerning how you could have multiple colored gold fish).  Still today I find great delight in singing the song, “They smile until you bite their heads off.” 

It is probably true that if gramma would have just sent us 2 dollars in a letter we would have been able to go out and buy these fish, which would have saved her some money;  but it was fun to receive multi colored fishy bottles from gramma in the mail.  You can see that Dakota seems to be the least enthused about the fish.  I think he was eyeing up one of the neighbor kids, thinking that they wanted his fish.  Spencer is crying because he wants all four bottles.  Molly is picking her nose with her bottle . . . And Ryan, well . . . He’s a goofer (as Molly would say) . . . perfectly content.

The kids love their gramma . . . and their dad is wondering why he never got any of this kind of affection growing up.

One thought on “Unusual Mail from an Unusual Gramma!

  1. Well, it’s always nice to have surprizes in the mail. I know for me that when I send food items to college kids, it’s always cheaper to just send the cash..but then it takes away the fun of having a box of goodies thru the mail.:>) Thanks for the pictures. Love, AJ

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