Dads Teach Great Lessons

Per our kids . . . I have taught them the following lessons . . .

  1. If it’s not yours don’t touch it.
  2. Don’t get up on my table.
  3. Don’t talk with your mouth full.
  4. Don’t talk to strangers. (per molly as she talks with her mouth full)
  5. Couches are for sitting . . . don’t jump on our couches.
  6. Cool whip with chocoloate syrup is a great snack.
  7. Your mom is superwoman.
  8. Only little kids need help washing up in the bathtub.  I think this was somewhat selfishly motivated.  Dakota hates me calling him little, so all the things I want him to do, I tell him little kids need help with that.
  9. Drinking out of the milk carton is acceptable.  Visitors would never know unless there are floaties.   (Linda and I have a difference of opinion on this lesson.)
  10. Tackle someone if they are in your way.
  11. Our families favorite thing to do? . . . take a nap.  (No one seems to agree with me.)

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