3 Score . . . and 4 Scored.

Last night Michael, Michelle, Linda and I surprised mom by showing up in Chicago where she and dad had gone for her 60th birthday (I mean her 30th birthday).  Linda and I picked up Michael and Michelle at O’hare last night and then went to our hotel right down off of Michigan avenue, downtown Chicago.  Just being here, I could sense Ann-Marie lingering presence.

Dad took a bit longer than we had expected so we found a neat little pizza place with mediocre pizza . . . but still, we were eating pizza downtown Chicago late at night with no kids.

Yea, that’s the other thing.  The kids all stayed home.  Just Linda and I came . . . WOO HOO!  Thank you Webbs.

We ended up beating Mom and Dad to the hotel, so we split up.  Linda and I went and hung out by the front desk and Mike and Michelle stayed in the room.  When they came, Mom stayed in the car, so Linda and I just walked out the front door and past her.  She noticed and started honking.  We just ignored her . . . kept walking . . . for just a few steps. 

I think the bigger surprise was when she walked into the hotel room and Mike and Michelle were sitting on the couch. 

Well, we are off to an exciting day in dowtown Chicago.

One thought on “3 Score . . . and 4 Scored.

  1. Thanks for the video! What a great surprise for your Mom.

    What was it that you didn’t like about the pizza?

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