Santa Came to Our House

It appears that Santa came. He seems a little younger and not as grey, but just as kind and cheery. We were able to capture this rare footage on the sly as you can see. This morning we showed the kids, and even though they thought Santa looked alot like me, they were just as excited. Spencer kept asking me why I was eating the cookie dough that he had left for Santa, so I don’t think we pulled anything over on him. The twins didn’t care, and Molly just enjoyed pretending. Anyway, this footage proves his existence, but seems to as well prove that he is not quite what we have all expected all these years. For one he is much thinner that I expected.

2 thoughts on “Santa Came to Our House

  1. What a hoot! I got lots of laughs as I caught up on your Christmas activities from your last several posts. You always give me a giggle, Aaron 🙂 We love you guys SO much!

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