Welcome Home Sweet Stem Cells: “Day 0”

Welcome Home Sweet Stem Cells_Day 0

Stem Cell Transplant

What a build up!  For months we’ve been anticipating a stem cell transplant, and the entire process took about 15 minutes as a few nurses and doctors floated around Linda in her new (and rather tiny) home for the next few weeks.

They connected the bag (picture below) to her newly inserted pick line, and fifteen minutes later, and one empty stem cell bag . . . wah-lah . . . her stems cells are back home!

Now Linda settles into the boredom of her new routine . . . and I settle into my new corner office.  I always thought having a corner office would be pretty cool . . . not quite what I imagined. 🙂

Bone Marrow Biopsy Results!

The test results for Linda’s first bone marrow biopsy revealed that 53% of her cells were cancerous plasma cells.  She had a second bone marrow biopsy this last Monday and the results came back that the cancerous cells only made up 3% of the cells in her bone marrow. I’m almost certain that I’m saying something wrong in that explanation, but the main point . . . that’s really good news!!!

8 thoughts on “Welcome Home Sweet Stem Cells: “Day 0”

  1. I love your office:) You have a window and your beautiful wife by your side! Lots of love and prayers headed your way:)

  2. Aaron, if I understand your numbers and some basic arithmetic, this means a 94% reduction in cancer cells. I would suspect that Linda’s bone marrow is a bit underpopulated for the last test, so this would mean 3% of far fewer cells in the remaining population, which is consistent with much better than a 94% reduction.
    I think I just confused myself.
    This is wonderful news. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  3. Fantastic news on the bone marrow! Praying fervently for exponential multiplication of healthy cells from the transplant. XOXO

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