Linda’s Hospital Stay

[Below are the regulations for anything coming into Linda’s hospital room as well as the address you could use to send her a card.]

Linda is going into the hospital tomorrow morning.  While she will be having much done tomorrow and Thursday, we will actually be staying in a hotel room for a couple of nights and then formally admitted into the hospital Friday morning.  She will be having her stem cell transplant sometime on Friday.  Following both chemotherapy on Wednesday (tomorrow) and her stem cell transplant on Friday, she will be recovering from these procedures for the next few weeks in the hospital.

If you are like me . . . well, let’s be honest if you’re like me, you probably didn’t think to get anything on the way to the hospital, so you get an overpriced card from the hospital gift shop. 🙂

Let’s go with . . . If you’re like Linda, you may be thinking about some simple thing to send or bring to the hospital while she’s there for the next few weeks.  I’ve already received a phone call about the snacks and teddy bear someone wanted to bring up.

The hospital has made it easy for all of you . . . you can’t bring anything (or send anything) but cards into Linda’s hospital room.  Due to the allergens and potential bacteria that could be on a stuffed animal, plant, or bouquet of flowers, none of those things can be brought into Linda’s room.  Her immune system will be practically wiped out by the chemotherapy she will be receiving tomorrow morning, so they are concerned that nothing enter the room that might introduce bacteria that could make her sick.ebola-biohazard-suit-hose-3

With that said, she can have visitors; and as of now, I don’t think you have to wear a full body bio-hazard suit if you were to visit her. I would like to encourage you to give either of us a call before coming up.  The doctors have told us that she will feel pretty sick for part of her time – especially the second set of 5 days, which would be next Tuesday to Saturday.

If you desired to send her a card over the course of the next few weeks (which I think would be very encouraging to her . . . hint, hint 😉 ), the address you could use is as follows:

Linda Sturgill
University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics
600 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53792-6718

Below are the hospital regulations for Visiting Hours:  8:00am – 9:00pm

  • ALL visitors must be healthy. ALL visitors must wash their hands thoroughly at sinks in the B6/6 hallway before visiting the patient.
  • Children are welcome to visit, but need to be current on immunizations and be healthy.

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