One and Only Tournament This Summer

It’s time for something other than a quote I suppose. . . . The boys chose to not play baseball this summer, and over all that has probably been a good decision. They were a bit weary of going from one sport to another and having every evening of the summer spent driving to one of their own or a siblings baseball game.

Even so, some of Ryan and Dakota’s friends needed them to fill a couple missing spots for our hometown Deppe tournament. They were a bit nervous but took on the task, and did quite well. It’s been a nearly a year since they had played baseball and they stepped in just fine. Three baseball games over the course of a Saturday, and they were able to come home with a third place medal. It turned out to be a fun day for us all.

And it allowed me a reason to work on making a cartoon in Photoshop, which I’ve been wanting to do.

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