Spurgeon Against Levity

We must conquer, some of us especially, our tendency to levity. A great distinction exists between holy cheerfulness, which is a virtue, and that general levity, which is a vice. There is a levity which has not enough heart to laugh, but trifles with everything. It is flippant, hollow, unreal. A hearty laugh is no more levity than a hearty cry.

In preparation for our observation of Palm Sunday and Easter weekend, I was able to take some time to meditate on the breadth and realities of Christ’s sufferings. In so doing, I was reminded of the seriousness of my sin and strongly convicted by how often and easily sin can become a punch line. My sin demanded and infinite and humbling sacrifice. There is nothing in any of my sin that is worthy of humor. And yet, that doesn’t mean that we must flee humor either. As I was thinking through this, I came across John Piper’s blog post titled, “When Does Humor Become Sinful?” I found it engaging, but even more so I appreciated the quote he included by Charles Spurgeon. I had to think a moment on it, but came to really appreciate its sentiment.


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