Sturgills and Fishing?

Fishing is really not one of our family past times.  It’s not that we’ve never fished, but we’ve most certainly never done it well.  With the exceptions of a few trips to Canada, a few outings where someone else actually set the entire pole up for us – cast it out – and then told us to hold on to it for a while, and the most memorable and rewarding moments of fishing with Ryan Hawk as we would go down to the damn in Watertown and catch as many bluegill, sunfish, crappy, and carp that junior high boys could handle.  That’s about it.  So, when we attempt to make fishing part of our vacation, we struggle a bit.  We don’t know what lure to use, how deep to place the bobber, whether we should use a bobber, whether we should cast and reel in or just leave it out there for a while.  Should I use rolled up bread or a 4 inch lure?  Little bread balls worked amazingly at the damn in Watertown, but I don’t think 20 inch walleye are going to go for it – at least not without taking my line with them.  Should we use live bait or the neon colored looking fake worms?  All these questions are easily answered by even an amateur fisherman, but not by the Sturgills.
With all that said, Spencer seems to like fishing.  He has been out fishing every day we have been here.  I have absolutely no idea what he’s been putting on his bait.  Papa’s been hooking him up for his adventures, and he’s come back with no success – that is until this evening.  The size of the fish is really irrelevant.  Only two things matter, (1) it is a fish and (2) it was caught by Spencer.  SUCCESS!!  We are now a family of fishermen.
Maybe some day we will catch something bigger.  Maybe some day we will actually know what to put at the end of our lines and maybe someday we’ll even have fishing poles without superman and batman on them.  Until then, Spencer is our hero and will be providing our family’s food for the rest of the week

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