Diving for Grandma’s Glasses

What do barnacles, rotten wood, sand, and grandma’s glasses all have in common?  They were at the bottom of the lake near the pier this afternoon.  Papa and I took turns pulling the kids around the lake on the inter-tube and grandma lounged on her new blow up raft – yes, we have a lot of new blow up rafts.  Due to her desire to avoid having a super fun sun burn line on her face she removed her new $400 glasses and set them on her lap.  This was all well and good until she decided to get off the raft and climb onto the pier . . . and slip . . . the glasses sank beneath the foreboding dark tomb called Eagle Lake.
Some people might say that my dad is frugal . . . other’s might call him thrifty . . . but when $400 glasses get lost in the lake – all of a sudden he turned into one of the 7 chinese brothers – you know the one . . . the one who could swallow the whole ocean.  For the next 2 hours he combed the entire shore line in search of the precious commodity.  He and grandma also offered a bounty for the return of the glasses – starting at $5, making it’s way to $20 and finally resting on the reward of $40.
And along came Aaron . . . his youngest, most preferred son.  Adorned with a girl’s pink and purple goggles and his amazing tenacity . . . and maybe his dreams of being his mom’s super hero . . . he dove into the depths of Eagle Lake.
Let’s step back into reality for just a moment . . . He was scared of the dark lake and he committed to his kids that he would just once swim straight down the ladder on the pier to take a look.  The glasses were lying unharmed at the bottom of the ladder.
What did Aaron receive for this amazing endeavor?  Yes, papa paid for his fishing license – and no, it wasn’t $40 😦

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