Still Walking the Halls: “Day 6”

2016-04-07_Still Walking the Halls_Day 6

Lots of Mail!

Linda has been receiving a great deal of mail.  You’re keeping her busy through her rather boring stay.  I wish I had taken a picture of her window and wall, covered with all the cards that have been sent. Yesterday, a gentleman walked in and said something along the lines of “Well, you’re back up.  You only had 3 yesterday, but you have about 13 today.”  This was a bit under the 18 she had received Monday morning.  He continued, “This is a real testimony to the kind of person you must be.”  He happens to be right 🙂  but it also is a real testimony to the kind of people that surround us in our life.

For those of you who haven’t sent a card . . . don’t think twice about it.  I don’t know if it’s a guy thing or being part of a generation that replies and “likes” a Facebook post every other 5 minutes, but I sure don’t think to write letters and notes often. . . . You mean I have to actually get out a pen and write on a card . . . and put an address on an envelope . . . and put an actual physical stamp on the card . . . do people still do that?!  What’s a stamp? 🙂

We have such amazing people in our life.  Your ongoing thoughtfulness in letters, phone calls, and even those Facebook posts 🙂 has encouraged us in such wonderful yet simple ways.  Thank you!!

Quick Update

We were informed that day 5 would probably end up being a real turning point in Linda’s physical well-being . . . and yet it’s day 6 and, in Linda fashion, she’s still doing pretty well.  She said that she feels like she has the flu.  Her white blood count is almost 0, which is what they expected.  A low white blood count will happen before her replanted stem cells begin to repopulate her blood.

hospital gownWe went for a couple walks yesterday around the hospital floor.  I’d like to share with you two of Linda’s new favorite things . . . (1) those wonderful hospital gowns which offer sporadic moments of ultimate embarrassment and (2) the hospital patients who have apparently grown weary of their hospital gowns, but haven’t grown weary of closing their door . . . uughh!  The problem is that they only have hand sanitizer outside every room and not an eye wash station.

Simply put . . . Linda is doing quite well.  As you pray for her, pray that she will be able to keep her pills down.  She’s struggled with that a little bit in the last couple of days due to the chemo affecting her throat.  She hasn’t had any mouth sores, but she has a pretty sensitive throat right now.

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