I Mocked Alone

I’m reading John Stott’s book, “The Cross of Christ,” and at the end of chapter 2, which is a discussion on who is to blame for the death of Christ, Stott quotes Horatius Bonar’s hymn. I appreciated and emotionally connected to the last two lines especially.

Horatius Bonar Quotoshop 1

2 thoughts on “I Mocked Alone

  1. He sang a hymn when He was facing Calvary’s cruel cross — so may I sing in sorrow’s darkest hour; and without fear count all my gain as naught but loss and dross, my Lord, for Thee! They sang a hymn, and thus they praised the Father’s love and grace — Redemption’s plan, so gloriously unveiled. The Lamb was slain! from the foundation of the world we trace His sacrifice. They sang a hymn; one voice in song was never heard that night — Lord, is it I that mock Thee with a kiss? Forbid it Lord! lest I should lose Thy song, Thy Joy, Thy light! Lord, may I sing! — Victoria Demarest.

  2. “Who was the guilty?
    Who brought this upon thee?
    Alas! My treason
    Jesus hath undone thee!
    ‘Twas I, Lord Jesus,
    I it was denied thee;
    I crucified thee!”
    v2 of “Ah, Holy Jesus”, text by Johann Heermann, 1645 – 1847
    (It is even more poignant in the German.)

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