Cancer, Defeated At the Cross

In no way do I trivialize the cross by making its purpose the defeat of cancer, but I also don’t undermine its’ power by thinking the effects of the cross didn’t extend to the defeat of cancer.  For those of us who truly believe in the Fall as outlined in Genesis and that due to sin all humanity and creation are drastically and negatively impacted, is it inappropriate for us to acknowledge the true home for any disease is the abyss of hell?  It is that abyss that houses all that Christ has defeated in His most victorious death and resurrection.  I’m thankful that Christ defeated cancer and that my eternal state will be void of its burdensome and crippling weight.

One thought on “Cancer, Defeated At the Cross

  1. Marvelous thinking, Aaron. We in the body are not totally saved from all the effects of The Fall while still in this life. I’d like to be in phenomenal physical condition and not ever grouchy or impatient. Yet God is faithful: He will continue to do His work in me until all of us believers are changed into the likeness of Jesus Himself. I mostly don’t like the ongoing process, however.

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