Second Round of Chemo Starts Today

Just a moment ago, Linda surrendered her blood for the most gruesome of exams . . . A blood tests.  Think about that for a moment . . . Do you know of any other tests which demands your spilling blood to pass?  Next time the kids come home and complain about tests at school, I’m going to throw out, “well at least your test didn’t harken back to the Old Testament sacrificial system!” Then we’ll digress into a confused conversation about what “harken” means.

Anyway, this is the first blood test since she began chemo, and it is important in that it will determine whether or not her chemo treatments have been working. There is some concern because if there is not significant enough improvement, they may need to change the doses and/or medicines.  She has had some concerns because she hasn’t experienced a number of the potential side effects and thinks that maybe it hasn’t been working.  Of course God, in his grace, could be sparing her; but why would we think so positively when we can be pessimistic cynics? (Please note the sarcasm and the fact that Linda did not approve of that last statement.)

Time passes by . . . And we now find ourselves waiting for Linda’s next chemo treatment. I’m sure you are all eager to hear the good news!  Her protein is down, her hemoglobin is up, and her globulin is in normal levels!  

I’m assuming you’re uncertain whether that is good or bad. If so, you would be feeling exactly what I felt. Breathe . . . It’s all good!!!  Those are the directions they are supposed to head.  This means that her chemo will continue in a similar fashion except that they are going to decrease the steroid that has been the culprit for all the foggy brain, heart burn, and additional pain.  

I guess this means we get our normal astute Linda back, and I go back to her realizing when I’m wrong 🙂

3 thoughts on “ Second Round of Chemo Starts Today

  1. Praise the Lord!
    Aaron, I always enjoy your blogs. Even though it is a very serious situation, you are positive and yes, even funny.
    Praying for you and Linda and the children.

  2. This is truly good news. Though you are not “out of the woods”, you can see the sky; you are not in the jungle under a triple canopy in deep darkness with snakes and bugs. Excellent! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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