Small Notes, Big Encouragement

Here’s a shout out to the second grade class of Calvary Christian School in Normal, Ill. Led by an obviously, very thoughtful teacher (Julie Heidebrink), each class member crafted a precious gift. This most precious gift consisted of a colored piece of construction paper with a brief note of encouragement, prayer, and all with a scripture passage, which was then laminated insuring its survival out of the classroom, into our home, and onto our wall.

You might be thinking, “Wow, Aaron, that sounds a little overly dramatic.  After all it is just a note on construction paper!”  And I say to you . . . I do realize by the way that none of you may be actually saying that 🙂 . . . have you not found that often it is the simplest notes on the most mundane of papers that have found their way into the deepest emotional seats of your heart?  Most gifts I have received have at some point found their way into a garage sale or some big green clothing distribution box, but those little notes find their way into a shoebox, bedside stand, or yes, maybe even scanned into evernote (Whaaatt!!?) for later perusal.

Yes, a wonderful group of second graders, potentially just following the directions of a thoughtful teacher, succeeded in gifting a great deal of encouragement.  I applaud you. You have reminded me that the simplest gifts can be profoundly meaningful.

For what it’s worth, if you want to show your appreciation by sending much more expensive gifts, we’ll  receive them and do our best to cherish them equally 🙂

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