Two Weeks of Chemo down!

Two weeks of chemotherapy have gone by and some of you may be wondering how Linda is doing.  There really isn’t much to tell you, and I suppose that is good.  There have been a couple of days where she has been pretty tired, but for the most part she has felt really well.  The potential side effects have not yet been significant.  For that we are extremely thankful.  Keep praying for her as she goes to her third treatment in a couple of days.

3 thoughts on “Two Weeks of Chemo down!

  1. Thanks for the good update. We will keep those prayers going up and that our Lord will keep the blessing coming down. You have all been such a blessing in my life and I praise God that He allowed our paths to cross. Love to you.

  2. I am so thankful with you for this update, Linda. I’ve signed up to follow the blog so I can keep updated to continue praying for you. Love you!

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