Hair, the Elephant in the Room

If you’re like me, the idea of hair loss may come to your mind when you think about cancer.  Hair loss is not inevitable, but it’s definitely possible and in many cases quite certain.  I have been somewhat struck by the sensitivity and emotion tied to hair loss.  Even our doctors seem to get a little more tender as they awkwardly stumble through the announcement that Linda may likely lose her hair.  It’s definitely one of those things you wonder about as soon as you hear the words “cancer.”  As we shared with our kids that the drugs Linda will be taking have a history of 90% effectiveness, that news, that she will most likely live, was overshadowed by the fact that she may lose her hair.

I think I understand it . . . maybe.  Someone could take their journey through cancer; and if they don’t lose their hair, there may be little outward evidence of the inward battle.  As soon as you lose your hair, your battle is quite obvious to all.  I’m speculating, but I would imagine that at that point the looks of pity increase multi-fold.  And isn’t that really what most people want to avoid, pity?  They want to be treated as normal, and yet all of a sudden looks of pity and treatment of fragility appear to be the only option some people have.

Will Linda lose her hair?  Probably . . . but maybe not.  Either way, we are mentally preparing for that potential.  We are aware of a great place to get wigs . . . and we thought maybe now was a good time for family pictures.  We sure did have a fun time in downtown Madison getting these pictures taken.

And for just a moment lighten up . . . our Christmas picture will either be one of these or one of all of us with those bald Halloween accessories.

2 thoughts on “Hair, the Elephant in the Room

  1. the pics are wonderful! keep ’em coming! I confess, I was noticing Linda’s hair in church, how beautiful!

    Love you guys!


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