Spencer’s New PVC Target

Last year we bought Spencer a BB Gun (Red Ryder to be exact).  We had been using a board with three two liters screwed to it so that they couldn’t fall over.  This worked, theoretically, but Spencer didn’t necessarily know if or where he hit one of the bottles or which bottle he had hit.  Lately he had been asking me to make him a new target, so the two of us pooled our minds (it was a pretty small pool) and we came up with this little design to hold up some paper targets.  Spencer loves it and now he can see where he hits the target.

I don’t think that Spencer realizes this but I am preparing him to protect the family.  If you remember I get pretty scared when people show up unexpected in our home.  This way I’ll just send any thieves into Spencer’s room.

“No! leave me alone.  There is nothing in here.  The really nice TV and stereo . . . are all in that room down the hall . . .  he he he! . . . they don’t know that’s Spencer’s room and he’s got a bb-gun (Red Ryder bb gun!).  They are in so much trouble.”

???????????????????????????????   ???????????????????????????????

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