Death Comes in Seasons

Our kids Grandma Wanda passed away earlier this morning.  Our family was truly blessed when Sandy married Barry Smades and brought another uncle into my kids lives.  With Barry came his beautiful sister, Terry, and mother, Grandma Wanda.  Terry passed away a couple of years ago and Grandma Wanda this morning.  We are rejoicing with Grandma Wanda and grieving with Sandy and Barry.

I was struck with the thought of how sweet heaven must be.  I am primarily looking forward to heaven when I am finally able to see Christ, but as more and more loved ones die, heaven seems to become even a bit more sweet.  I can only imagine the sweetness of heaven’s fellowship.

A tinge of jealousy as well rose to the surface.  I realized that my grandma Rehfeldt and grandma Wanda have been able to see Christ, and for that I am truly jealous.

Barry, we love you and will always be there for you.


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