Friday Night Activity

Last week Spencer wanted me to take a stick he had found outside and make a gun for him.  It would have been a bit of a challenge due to the fact that – well – it was a stick.  I promised him that the next weekend we could make some guns.  At that point I wasn’t sure what that would mean for us, but I figured we could figure something out.  As we were talking about it I remembered seeing some marshmallow blow guns on the internet.  He and I found the directions this evening, made a quick trip to Home Depot and Meijers (for some marshmallows) and the above pictures are the product.  We had a pretty good time shooting Mom with marshmallows.

One thought on “Friday Night Activity

  1. What fun you are! I am impressed, by not only the guns but by the fact that you are actually blogging about these fun details. I almost deleted you from my list of family and friends 🙂

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