Valentine Boxes

Based on the supply and inspiration of one of the ladies in our church, each of the kids put together a valentine box.  Spencer follows in the footsteps of his father as he puts minimal decoration on his box.  The others put a bit more into their decorations.  Linda and I had a box as well.  To be honest, I was mostly concerned / excited about what was going to be in the box.  I was not disappointed when I found (i did put them in the box) a bag of chocolate/caramel dove candy pieces.

We quickly established that I wouldn’t eat the kids candy, and they wouldn’t eat mine.  Before you begin worrying about them, please know that they definitely got more than me.

2 thoughts on “Valentine Boxes

  1. Well, whether or not you got a lot of candy – there sure were some good looking boxes. Welcome back to blogging. I probably wouldn’t have noticed except you set me up to see on google when you post something – thanks. I sent you a little something in the mail today – so you aren’t fogotten! Love ya, Mom

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