King or Queen of the Hill?


Mom and Dad were able to come in Tuesday Evening (early Wednesdaymorning).  We had to hide them in their room and hide their car in the garage so that Molly wouldn’t see them before she left for school.  She probably would have had a rough day knowing that Papa and Grandma were playing with Spencer, Ryan and Dakota without her.

It was a fun surprise for her when Grandma and Papa pick her up from school.  While they were waiting for Molly, they all played on the school playground. 

The pictures that stuck out the most to me were these two by Ryan.  My question is which is he – King of the hill or Queen of the hill?

2 thoughts on “King or Queen of the Hill?

  1. Is that Spencer crawling on the top?

    The twins are growing up so fast…I really thought it was Dakota instead of Ryan on the rock.

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