My 12 String Martin





In the past couple of years I have grown to love the guitar. My appreciation of the instrument is much greater than my ability to play it though. While I have been striving to grow in my ability to play the guitar, I have learned to appreciate the different aspects and uses of different types of guitars. I learned to play on a classical guitar, but quickly sold that guitar and bought my first acoustic / electric guitar. I found a nice used Washburn and it has been a wonderful guitar. I have since bought another classical guitar. I bought it for Linda as a present . . . yes, I realize that was not a great idea. Since then I have enjoyed playing it quite a bit. It has a softer, more mellow tone that sounds beautiful when finger picked.

Almost two years ago, we had a missionary come to our church and he played his 12 string guitar. From that day on I have wanted to get a 12 string guitar. Linda and I have looked at them a handful of times and on each occasion she had a preference for the Martin 12 string. It has a beautiful sound and resonance. It was a bit much, so we would have to save up for it.

Well, by my birthday this year, we had enought to purchase that Martin 12 string guitar. I love it.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I realize that I am probably a little more excited about it than any of you will be. That’s okay though.

4 thoughts on “My 12 String Martin

  1. I’m looking for 12 strings…didn’t count that many on the guitar. But I did count 12 buttons at the bottom of the strings. So perhaps you’ll have to help me understand this instrument.

    A belated happy birhtday!

  2. Aunt Juliet,
    There are six sets of two strings. The strings are really close together that’s why it is a bit of a challenge to see them. There are still 6 primary notes. The top four strings have a string next to them which are an octave higher. They are much thinner since they are an octave higher. In the picture, I believe, what looks like a shadow of the strings is actually the second string.

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