The Birch Run Zoo

A friend of ours from Wisconsin came and visited us a few weeks ago.  We had heard about a little zoo up in Birch Run, so while she was here, we went up to check it out.  We had a pretty fun time with the kids.  For a fair price, we all were able to see a number of animals pretty close up.  All around it was a fun trip, and we will probably go up and visit again some time.

Above are some of the pictures we took while we were there.  Below are some of the video clips I took.  We all had a fun time taunting the tiger, attempting to get him to “bark” at us.  He did, and we all about wet our pants.  Superfun!  Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “The Birch Run Zoo

  1. You can see from the videos that the kids had fun. And yesterday when I clicked on the side of your blog and saw the tiger jump and roar…I jumped too.

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