Buried in the Beach

We were able to go to the beach a couple of times throughout our time up north. It really was a very pleasant beach. The very cold water seemed to coincide with the small amount of people present on the beach. Either way, we went swimming, and after a bit of freezing, you could get used to the water enough to enjoy it. I did at least. I think that it is possible that I have a bit of insulation helping me out. Spencer came out to me at one point and I could see that much of his face seemed to be a purplish color. This seemed a bit strange to me so I asked him if he was cold. He attempted to stop shivering long enough to tell me he wasn’t cold. “Oh, well if you say so, do you want to go out further with me?” We really did have a nice time. As you can see, Dakota seems to be the most leary around the water . . .



2 thoughts on “Buried in the Beach

  1. I love the Sturgill Comics! More please!

    How fun was it to bury each other in the sand. I especially love what a beautiful girl Molly is becoming – lovely, really lovely! I’m so glad you had a good time with family!

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