An Additional Crew Member

Oscar was introduced to our home this evening for the first time.  As I write this, he is sprawled out lazily on the couch looking up to me.  Yes, looking up to me . . . he already admires me. 

It was a normal Sunday evening and little did we know that our lives would change forever.  The Tenneriello’s arrived to church at the same time as the Sturgill bus.  As we were walking in together, Jan inquired of us if we would like to have a dog.  Well now, I got a bit excited about this potential and inquired a bit more about the specifics.  To make a long story short, they had a dog they wanted to find a good home for, and they thought that maybe we could be that good home.   I realize that I am gone much more than Linda and that during the day, she would be left at home with the 4 of our kids, Ally (our next door neighbors daughter) and a new dog?  Well, we weren’t sure that was going to be a good idea.  At the end of the service, Linda leaned over to me and kissed me ever so gently and said, “I think you’re great . . . I love you so much!”  (Now that has nothing to do with the story, but I am trying to be thorough.)  She leaned over and said, “Let’s try it out.”  Well that was good for me.  I went and found Jan and said, “It’s a go!” 

Andrew Tenneriello dropped Oscar off about 2 hours ago.  We have walked Oscar around some of the neighborhood, in our pajamas, introduced him to some of the neighbors, cleaned up his mess, and ran around the house a few dozen times. 

He now is asleep on the couch.  We don’t know what we are getting ourselves into.  As of now, we think that we are going to go to bed in a little bit.  I’m curious to know what happens when we attempt to put Oscar in his kennel in his new home for the first time.  I’m sure it will give me something to blog about tomorrow.

Oscar is a pure bred miniature dachshund.  He probably won’t get much bigger than he already is.  His name was given to him in lieu of the fact that he is a weiner dog (Oscar mayer weiner). 

6 thoughts on “An Additional Crew Member

  1. Aww…too cute! And OSCAR – a-dorable! I love him already. When we come to visit, can he sleep in “our” room? 🙂

  2. I am SO jealous!!! The kids and I want a dog SO bad, but Michael doesn’t think we have room in the Prophet’s Chamber…..I think it is a great place to train a dog (let it pee on someone else’s carpet!!!) Is Oscar potty trained and how old is he??? Have fun!

  3. Now that you have someone to look up to you…I would say “Keep Oacar”…just kidding of course.

    Will Oacar get along with Sadie?

    Keep us updated on the new owners of a new dog.

  4. Oscar is 17 weeks old and is mostly potty trained. Danielle what do you think of us bringing him with us when we come to visit? I promise we’ll let him pee on the carpet.

    I am hoping he gets along with Sadie. We will find out in a few days when we go up north. We will keep you all posted.

  5. No more babies for the crowded ship, but you invited a puppy aboard? You guys really are gluttens for punishment! LOL! Hey, I’ve had my share of puppies with little kids in tow. You guessed it…the kids always won out over the puppies…alot easier to take care of and much cuter. Enjoy the puppy potty training crash course.

    I leave you with a story…
    I thought it would be cute to have a dalmatian puppy when the boys were tiny. There was nothing cute about little Ian picking up what he thought to be a tootsie roll and eating it. Needless, to say we are happy with our older, trained golden retriever that replaced the dalmatian and many other puppies. 🙂

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